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The following is a summary, though not exhaustive, of the services we offer to clients, as well as a procedure that we will undertake relating to the fields in which client may require assistance:

Labour and
Law Services

We aim at the sensible management and avoidance of disputes, and we focus on the following areas:

  • Conducting investigations and preparing investigation reports
  • Formulating charges
  • Prosecuting or initiating or leading evidence in Internal Disciplinary Hearings
  • Presiding on Internal Disciplinary hearings
  • Attend to Arbitrations at CCMA and Bargaining Councils
  • Attend to Reviews and Appeals at Labour Courts
  • Facilitate in skills and development laws
  • Training on the enforcement charter of the Employment Equity Act
  • Training on Incapacity Dismissals
  • Training on the new amendments of the Labour Relations Act;
  • Provision of legal opinions and day-to-day legal advice
  • Preparation of reports
  • Employment related contracts
  • Employment issues arising out of the restructuring within client
  • Retrenchments
  • Strikes
  • Disputes relating to unfair labour practices, discrimination, occupational health and safety, social security, basic conditions of employment, pension funds and restraints of trade
  • Compliance with all relevant employment law legislation.

Commercial and Contract Law

We offer a full range of expert services in all aspects of corporate and commercial law, including the following

  • Takeovers, sale of businesses
  • Formation and of companies, close corporations, partnerships and joint ventures
  • Legal due diligence
  • Transaction advisory on commercial transactions
  • Drafting and reviewing all types of commercial contracts
  • Formation of all types of trusts
  • Formulation and administration of supply chain management policies
  • Advice on PFMA, MFMA, Municipal Structures Act and the related regulations thereto;
  • Drafting Regulations;
  • Drafting By-Laws

Commercial and Civil Litigation

We will service client in respect of all matters which involve actual or potential court hearings, whether by way of trials, applications or other hearings in the High Court, Magistrates’ Courts or other tribunals, including:

  • Tender related disputes and urgent interdicts
  • Commercial disputes
  • Debt collections
  • Evictions
  • Hire purchase and instalment sale repossessions
  • Insolvency, winding up and judicial management proceedings, offers of compromise and schemes of arrangement
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Long and short term insurance disputes
  • Malpractice and professional indemnity suits
  • Mortgage bond foreclosures
  • Pension fund disputes

Mr Mhlanga is a qualified conveyancer, and works with an experienced conveyancing paralegal.  The property and conveyancing team offers the following services:

Property and Conveyancing

  • The acquisition and disposal of residential, commercial and industrial property
  • Registration of property transfers
  • Sectional title schemes both existing and in development
  • Township development, including advice on property usage and other related matters
  • Registration of mortgage bonds for developments and for private acquisitions
  • Town planning and the conceptualization of appropriate structures for property development.
  • Registration of Servitudes.

On Debt Collection, the firm offers the following services:-

Debt Collection

  • Collection of outstanding rates;Collection of monies erroneously paid or over paid to service providers;
  • Collection of monies paid by officials of the Municipality where it is found that such payments amounted to irregular, fruitless and wastefull expenditure;
  • Attachment and freezing of employees’ pension benefits who are implicated in fraud, corruption, money laundering, etc

Mhlanga Inc. also offer to clients services in respect of contract risk compliance and management, which the firm specializes in.  This involves assisting client in:

Contract Risk Compliance and Management

  • Identification, collection and centralization of all contracts
  • Developing and implementing a contract register
  • Developing and implementing a contract filing system
  • Development and documentation of contract management processes and procedures
  • Creation of a contract data-base on all collected contracts
  • Training of all personnel on development processes
  • Assessment of current situation facing clients in respect of contract governance management
  • Assessment of the relationship between client and its service providers
  • Appointment and delegation of powers and functions of client to third parties
  • Assessment and advice on the appropriate legal model that will be reflective of the needs of client, for example a specific focus on ensuring that the supply chain department is complying with the relevant policies and legal prescripts
  • Advice on the necessary amendments to client’s policies that will improve client’s ability to function effectively to be able to carry out its mandate to the public
  • Perusal of all legal documentation relevant to client
  • Drafting relevant documents to give effect to advice provided.