Within 24 hours of receipt of instructions we dispatch a letter or email to client acknowledging receipt of instructions while simultaneously dispatching letters to all attorneys attending to simultaneous transactions. We would simultaneously collect all documents from parties, such as Identity Documents, Marriage Certificates (if applicable), Utility bills (proof of address), and Title Deeds or copies thereof.
Deeds searches would be conducted in our Win Deed or Law active programs to get insight of the status at the Deeds Office. We would immediately prepare the necessary documents and telephone parties to come for signature after having ensured that all requirements have been met. This takes place within 48 hours of receipt of instructions.
In case of mass transfers we will arrange a meeting with all parties at a convenient place for signature of documents.
We are electronically linked to the Major Municipalities for on-line application and issue of rate clearance certificates. We also apply and obtain Transfer Duties from SARS electronically via efiling system. Otherwise on manual queries our messenger goes to the South African Revenue Services and eThekwini Municipality every day for Transfer Duty and Rates Clearance respectively. In case of other Municipalities, special arrangements will be made for the collection of Rate Clearance certificates.
Documents would be dispatched by docex to our Pietermaritzburg correspondents for lodgment to the Deeds office. This ensures that documents reach our Pietermaritzburg agents the very-next day. Progress reports would be emailed to client every third day or any shorter period in the event of major developments worthy of reporting and/or warranting that instructions be sought from client. Once deeds are registered (which normally takes six (6) weeks)a full report will be dispatched to client.
Title Deeds will be handed over to the new owners immediately once they come back from the Deeds Office.